The Venue Choice May be the Most Important Wedding Decision

December 29th, 2017

Engaged couples that spend weeks choosing a dress and cake design and then grab any wedding and event venue available are making a huge miscalculation. Contrary to what some may think, the background for the party does matter and it sets the theme much more effectively than a few flowers and streamers. The quality of the venue affects nearly every part of the day and how the guests determine the quality of the affair. Here are three examples of how the wrong choice could sully an otherwise wonderful day.

Parking is Limited

What happens when the guests arrive at the wedding venue and cannot find a place to park? Will they walk half a mile or risk parking in a tow zone or will they just leave? Imagine making people dressed in their best shoes and clothing walk a quarter mile in the rain or on a hot summer day. At least make certain a shuttle service is available from the closest parking garage or secured parking lot if immediate parking is limited and the venue is too perfect to pass up.


Staff is Unprofessional

No one wants to eat a meal or use a bathroom at a venue that is unclean. Unsanitary conditions show a lack of concern and professionalism. Poorly trained staff members also lose jackets, confuse reservations and forget to contact vendors. There is no way to redo or put off a wedding ceremony if the company realizes at the last moment that something has gone awry. Always look for a company that has the reputation of exceeding the expectations of their clients because there is already enough details to worry about without adding a last minute surprise.

Style is Unflattering

An elegant and luxurious wedding reception may look out of place at a local legion hall and a venue filled with antiques, crystal chandeliers and stunning architecture will overpower the simple beauty of a rustic country wedding. Match the venue with the theme for a cohesive look from the beginning of the day to the end.

Weddings are always memorable and happy and the worries that keep the planners up all night for months almost always seem silly once the day is over. Of course, making the right choices with the biggest decisions helps to ensure this type of result. The venue is one of the biggest decisions there is, so please see for an example of the perfect wedding venue for nearly every ceremony.

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